Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some Family Christmas Pictures

The grandkids. Not mine, my parent's.

My grandma and her great-grandkids.

My sister and her family.

My brother and his family. It is almost impossible to get that little boy to sit still for a picture!

Aren't we a cute couple?

I no longer wonder where my children get the "goofy" gene. Actually, I stopped wondering a long time ago.

Now I'm going to switch sides. Do I have a "good" side?....don't answer that!

I joked with my husband about my "good" side to which he promptly turned my back to the camera! Sweet, huh?

Just a few family pictures. Usually, I'm looking for the best of the worst, but I think this year we took some pretty good family pics.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You'll have to wait a little longer....

I know everyone is holding their breath in eager anticipation of my next post. Well, you'll just have to wait. After a few days off, I finally set some time aside to edit some Christmas pics, post some here and post some on other sites, but, alas, it was not meant to be. I was all set to upload some pics and my computer froze up on me. It is taking awhile to re-boot (if that's the correct term) so I'm on my laptop to inform you of this unexpected delay. I know this is a great disappointment to you. Your entire night and following morning is probably ruined, but don't despair. I shall return soon.
Oh, in case anyone was wondering about my Cabela's gift, my husband is safe. He bought me a cast iron griddle. You know, the kind that you place over a couple of burners on the stove. I did specifically request this some months ago. He gets extra credit for remembering! It's already been used 3 times. The box it came in was HUGE, so I was completely surprised.
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I've enjoyed viewing all of the Christmas posts.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...Italian Style

I didn't think Bro. C would mind if I posted this. (Katie, please let me know if I'm wrong.)

Merry Christmas!!!!

This is Brianna from last Christmas. Isn't she cute?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Health Update

I'm sure all of you are wondering how I'm doing. (Of course, Michelle, we've been unable to think of anything else all day!) I had moments today when I felt better than yesterday and moments when I felt worse. Let's see how I feel tomorrow. I'm hoping I'm on the mend, but it could be one of those things where it gets worse before it gets better.
Actually, I didn't want to post tonight to update you on my health. (That's just a side benefit.) I wanted to thank all of you that commented yesterday. All of you made me laugh (except for that mean lady who said I looked terrible ;) ). It truly is a joy to be able to laugh "with" all of you even though I was soooooo sick.
For all of you that didn't comment yesterday.....don't you care about me? I'm SICK! Give a girl some Christian compassion! :) (Actually, it's just a cold, so you don't have to feel too bad for me.)
Thanks, again, for making me laugh yesterday. Oh, I hope you're feeling better, too, Katie!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sent Home From School

Bro. C told ME to go home!
I help out at school on Wednesdays, and today I was sick. (I know, boo-hoo for me) I thought I would do my "job" and still go to school, but I must have looked really sick because Bro. C told me that I didn't have to stay the whole time. By 10:00 AM he told me I could go home. I took the hint. He either took pity on me or he didn't want me to infect the whole class. Maybe a little of both. I'm not sure if I should be insulted or grateful. I guess I'll choose grateful.
I did miss helping a couple of the girls out with Algebra. I love Algebra, and most of it is coming back to me fairly easily. I feel like I'm a help in this area. In other areas, I'm no help at all. I'm teribul ,at gram-mur an sp'ellin especially in the higher levels so I leave those questions to Bro. C. When I was in high school, writing was solely judged on content, not grammar and punctuation. That's my excuse, anyway.

I need to go take some medicine and go to bed. Hope everyone else stays healthy. This is a bad cold. Probably the worst cold anyone has ever had. (Does that sound familiar?)

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Opinion on Artificial Christmas Trees

Personally, I don't understand why someone would choose a fake tree over a real tree. I realize there is less mess, but there's just something about putting up a freshly cut Christmas tree. The family outing to find the perfect tree is a family tradition. So, I implore you, don't settle for the fake, unrealistic, plastic tree.

Shannon strings the Christmas lights around the tree. My job is to put the beads around the tree. I love ribbons on a tree, but I've tried, and I just make it look terrible.

The kids are responsible for all the decorations. I unpack them and Shannon supervises the placement of the ornaments.

This happened because I was trying to straighten the beads after the ornaments were in place. NOT SMART!

Katelyn's turn to put the star on top. I prefer a star. Shannon prefers an angel. We have yet to find an angel we really like enough to replace the star we've had since our first Christmas as husband and wife.

This is the picture we sent in our Christmas cards to out of state relatives.

Shannon liked this one better, but he was outvoted.

Whoops! How's that picture get in there?
Don't you just hate hypocrites?
(I do have a good excuse. My dad's allergic to real trees. The last 2 year that they had a real tree, my dad ended up in the hospital due to his asthma. They finally realized it must be the tree. The next year they had a fake tree and no hospital visit. Since my parents live with us, when they are not traveling, and we value breathing in our house, we've elected to use an artificial tree.) Your welcome, Dad!

Friday, December 12, 2008

One More Thing

Just one more story with a wedding theme. Earlier this fall, there was a wedding in my church. Katelyn (11) was informing me that she didn't like weddings and didn't want to go with us.

Me - Are you going to go to your own wedding?
Katelyn - Yes, but no one else can come.
Me - How about the groom?
Katelyn - He can come.
Me - Can I come?
Katelyn - If you're still alive, you can come.
Me - What do you mean if I'm still alive? How old do you think I'm going to be when you get married?
Katelyn - I don't know......old?
Me - How am I going to die?

Ummmmm....I don't think David is going to make it until his 13th birthday!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Just a Day

Let me start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed my wedding day. I didn't micro-manage everything and I didn't worry about everything going perfectly. I was able to completely enjoy it all. Even when my veil almost caught on fire, blowing out the unity candle. Shannon also started to put my veil back over my head after our wedding kiss as if he had changed his mind. We still laugh about this!

I use to joke that the only reason I wanted a wedding, as opposed to eloping, was for the photos. Here's a few of mine.

(I put this picture because I think I look thin!)

There are a few things I would change about my wedding if the wedding were to happen tomorrow.
1. My dress
2. My hair (Hey, I was just getting good at that "poof" before I realized it had been out of style for half a decade.)
3. The man who married us. (It wasn't Pastor Y)
4. 3 out of 5 of my bridesmaids (We are just not close anymore)
5. The reception - where it was
6. The rehearsal dinner
7. The photographer (They're out of business)
8. The bridesmaid's dresses (I thought it was something they could wear again. Don't most brides think that?)
9. The flowers (Not the people that arranged them. They did great.)
10. The color scheme
11. The tuxes (They would still wear tuxes, but I would do away with the bow ties)
12. The reception - decoration (I would put more time into the decorations.)
13. The guest book pen (It had the wrong date on it - long story)

One thing I wouldn't change......THE GROOM. It's not about the wedding day. It's about the marriage. It doesn't really matter what kind of dress you have, or if you have the right flowers's just a day. It's more important to prepare for the marriage than it is the wedding.

I said all that to say this. If you are not already married, go ahead and plan a great wedding. I do recommend that you keep it simple. You'll enjoy the day more. Spend much more time preparing for the marriage. Say "yes" to the right guy not just the first guy that asks or because you want to be married. Wait for the one God has for you. Can you imagine how awful it would be if I looked back and wanted a different groom? Start praying now for your future groom. Not just that you'll just find one, but that you'll find the "right" one. Pray for your future marriage

I was blessed to marry the man God had for me at 22, but I'd like to think I would have patiently waited if that was God's plan.

If you're already married, dig out your wedding pictures if you have them. Admire them.Post a few. I love looking at wedding photos. Remember how thrilled you were that day. I sometimes miss the "newness" of married life, but it's so much better now. We've grown closer together over the years and I can't wait to know him better in years to come.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Left in a Closet

First off, you need to know, that my brother bought my parent's house. The house I grew up in. Secondly, his wife is due to have their second baby in February. They finally got around to cleaning out the third bedroom in anticipation of the new arrival. In the closet of that bedroom they found this.....

My wedding dress. It was the second dress that I tried on and I fell in love with it. At the time, it was exactly what I was looking for in a wedding dress, down to the long sleeves and the "puffs" at the shoulder..

My mom made my veil. I just couldn't see spending top dollar on a store bought veil. I was looking for simple. It was getting close to the wedding and my mom was getting anxious about the veil. I told her to just put lace around the sheer fabric and attach it to a decorated barrette. I think it took her all of 20 minutes to complete, and I loved it.

It's not the wedding dress I would buy if I were getting married tomorrow, but I remember how much I loved it at the time. I dearly wish I could try it on. Sadly, I've gained enough weight to make this impossible. I might be able to get my leg in it, I'll have to see.

Now, this poor dress is shoved in my closet, but really where else would I put it?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Special Song

Tonight we had a special party for all the ladies who help to keep our church clean. Amy "won" one of the games and had the privilege to sing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer". I just happen to have video of this event. I'm sure she won't mind if I share.(Really,'s OK. You trust me don't you? Don't answer that!)

Thanks for the wisk, Stacy. We wisk you a Merry Christmas, too! Tell Courtney thanks for the bean bag. Katelyn already took it away from me and claimed it for herself. Missed you tonight.


So a package arrived yesterday. It was big and it was from Cabela's. Usually when my husband orders something, I'm told to expect a package. This was a surpise. It was an even greater surprise when my beloved husband informed me that it was my Christmas present.

WHAT?! My Christmas present is from Cabela's! Sweetheart, what are you thinking?!

Now, I'm not a girly-girl, but I'm not a Cabela's girl ,either. Do you know what they sell at Cabela's? Outdoor stuff. I'm just not that kind of girl.

He's told me that it is something that I specifically requested. We shall see, honey, we shall see.

My husband may need your prayers. I'll let you know December 26th. ;)

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's a start...

Well, we've been in our house for over a year and a half, and it's just starting to feel like our home. I'm slow to put up our decoration and such for the simple fact that I procrastinate. Also, I have NO skill in decorating. Still little by little, I'll have Shannon put up this or hang up that. It may not be worthy of a magazine cover, but the house is slowly feeling like a ours.

I did not put up this picture because of the skill of the decorator, obviously. This wall now has more meaning than it did before.
1. Shannon's Grandpa G made the quilt rack.
2. My Grandma M made the quilt, just for me.
3. The bench belonged to my Great-Grandma B.
4. The house itself was built by my Grandma and Grandpa T.

Friday, December 5, 2008


About 2 (or 3 or 4) weeks ago, I was tagged!
This picture was taken at the end of July, but it was my fourth picture posted for the month of August. Katelyn got to choose 3 friends to take to Sea Breeze Amusement park in honor of her 10th birthday.
While looking at this picture, I realized, once again, what a great guy I married. He willingly came with me to watch over 4 pre-teen girls. Could I have done this myself? Sure, but I felt much safer with my man there with us. About a month earlier, he was injured during a basketball game. He had torn the ACL in his knee, yet he walked that park with us regardless of the pain. Just one of the many reasons why I love this man!
Thanks for the "tag" Dawn. It helped me relive a fond memory, and reminded me how blessed I am.
I guess I'm suppose to tag someone next.'re it. Go back 4 months and find your 4th picture that month. Post that picture and write a little about it. This is an order. If you don't do this something bad will happen on the second Tuesday of next week. :)
Thanks for the comment, Amy. A post just isn't complete with out a comment from you. ;)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

David's Belated B-Day Pictures - (sorry David)

After posting Robert's birthday pictures. I realized that I never posted David's pictures. So here they are. He turned 12 way back in August. Remember, we all complained about it being too hot, now we're freezing.

It's very hard to get a "normal" picture out of David. Sometimes I don't event try.

Wait! This one is fairly normal!

We celebrated David's birthday for the extended family on the Saturday before his birthday. On his actual birthday, we let him invite a couple of friends. This is the cake for that event. (Never miss an opportunity to make and eat cake.)

The gang.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Robert Turns 8!

At the beginning of November, Robert turned 8. These are a couple of pictures from the day we had his party.

His favorite color is yellow. Can't you tell? My cake decorating services are available for a very high fee.

Robert has always had a fascination with reptiles, specifically the crocodile/alligator. This webkinz is a big hit with Robert

He's actually reading his card before opening his present. I'm so proud of him! :)


Apple Shed Pictures

We went to the Apple Shed at the end of October. I'm just now putting the pictures on here. It's so sad, isn't it?

Robert's not all that mechanically inclined. He needs his Dad's help on this one.

The corn slide is always popular.

David - I think this might be one of my favorite pictures of him. He's quiet! :)

I'm not sure which group I want to bring home.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Difference Between Work and Play

Now , if I would have said, "Let's go outside and rake the leaves!" I would have heard groaning and moaning. Since I said, "Let's go play in the leaves." They were quick and happy to respond. The leaves were still raked, but the attitude was completely different.

Last Friday was probably the last of its kind for this season. It was warm and sunny. A day I could not even justify staying indoors. I prefer to remain indoors, but once I force myself to venture out I have a thouroughly good time.

The kids were so impressed with the work that they did, I had to force them to play in their piles!

OK, this is my oldest who told me he was too "old" to play in the leaves. Who can resist a great, big pile of leaves?

Guess who was the first one out Sat. morning to play in the leaves......yep, the "too old" David.


"LIKE" Update- I'm still saying "like" all the time, but at least now I'm hearing myself saying it. Admitting I have a problem is the first step, right. Oh, and Amy...very funny comment. Way to make fun of my insecurities! :) P.S. It was your mother who was one of the ladies who brought this flaw to my attention. I forgive her since this is my one and only flaw. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you

Moments ago, I read a friend's blog, Amazing Love (see side bar). She shares some of her thoughts on this Veteran's Day. Yes, this is a day set aside to honor those that have served in our military. A day to remember their sacrifice for American freedom. Her words reminded me of the sacrifice of the wives, husbands, children, family and friends. I know Julia did not write her blog in the effort to glorify herself, but it did make me appreciate more the sacrifices of the families of those in the service of our great country. I knew Julia's husband was in the military. I, also, knew that he was not there for the birth of their first child. I knew that she was without him for a great amount of time, but I don't think I ever really thought about it. How difficult it must have been for her. Never thought about what a debt of gratitude I owe to her and those like her.

Although I honor and greatly appreciate the brave men and women who have and are serving, I want to send a special thanks to those who were left at home. Your sacrifice was great. Your sacrifice was for me and my family. From the bottom of my heart ...Thank you.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's like.....

Has it ever come to your attention that you do something that you didn't realize you did? Like, if you were asked if you like did this thing you would like say "no". I had one of these realizations last Sunday night. I say the word "like" like every sentence. Like, how incredibly annoying! What am 12?

If you would have asked me Sunday at 4 pm how often I said the word "like" inappropropriately, I would have said occasionally. Actually, I probably would have said "like, occasionally." At about 5:45 PM, I found out differently. Two ladies were with me in the nursery at church and were commenting on how often I said "like". They weren't being mean, just observant, but I'm bitter so I will call them extremely cruel! At first, I didn't believe them, but then I heard myself try to say something, making an effort not to say the dreaded word, and I couldn't speak. Every other word was "like".

I've decided to try to work on this. Now, I don't want everyone to correct me when they hear me utter the word. That would drive me crazy, but I do want to cut down on my usage of the word. It will be a long, hard journey, and it may take me years to get out of the habit, but I will beat this.One likeless sentence at a time. When you hear me say "like" ignore it, please. I will ignore all your annoying habits, too.

For the record, we sang "It's Just LIKE Jesus" in church that night.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On the way to The Apple Shed

This will be our third year in a row going to The Apple Shed. It's become one of our fall, family traditions. My husband called from work to remind me to find the address and plug it in to our GPS, just to make sure we didn't forget the way. So, being the dutiful wife that I am (no comments, please), I did as he requested. About half way there, Amanda (our GPS voice) started giving us directions completely opposite to the way my husband wished to go. Here is a brief synopsis of the conversation. Please keep in mind that all of this discussion is done in a teasing, not bitter tone. Shannon-my husband, Michelle-me, Amanda-GPS voice,Bree-our 5 year old.

Amanda - "At the next opportunity turn your vehicle around."

Michelle - "Amanda said to turn around."

Shannon - "I heard her."

Michelle - "Are you going to turn around?"

Shannon - "No."

Amanda - "At the next opportunity, turn your vehicle around."

Michelle - "Are you sure you're going the right way?"

Shannon - "Pretty sure."

Michelle - "Amanda thinks we are going the wrong way."

Amanda - "At the next opportunity, turn your vehicle around."

Michelle - "Be quiet, Amanda, he's not listening to you!"

Shannon - "Do YOU want me to turn around?"

Michelle - "NO, I'm sure you know more than Amanda.(Said with just a touch of teasing sarcasm.) If you're not going to listen to her, we should just turn her off.

Shannon - "Where does she want us to go anyway?"

Bree - "Daddy, just go the way you want to go!"

Michelle - "Uh, Amanda was taking us to Lori's Secret Garden. Sorry."

Somehow, when doing the final programing, I mixed it up. So , honey, this is for you.... I was .......not completely right. OK, OK, I was wrong! There had to be a first time, right?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

'Tis the Season

No, not Christmas...Hunting!

With hunting season upon us, it always reminds me of a story that I was told about 13 years ago. While teaching in a private school in Indiana, the pastor told a story about his friend. This friend was a avid hunter. One day his granddaughter was watching the movie Bambi for the first time. He was worried about the scene where Bambi's mother gets shot, worried about what his granddaughter would think of Grandpa's hunting. The dreaded scene begins, then the shot rings out. His granddaughter gasps and then cries, "Wow, Grandpa! What a shot!"

Now, could this be one of those urban legend stories? It's possible, but I'm just relaying what was told to me. I'm a horrible storyteller (just ask my husband) so please forgive the lack of creativity in the telling of the story.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Quick Question

Why does it seem like every time I put on mascara, I sneeze thus smearing the mascara?! Anyone else have this problem?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Tournament

Just some pictures from a recent flag football tournament. They're in no particular order. Most of them are not touched up, just cropped a bit. I think we had 2 wins and 2 losses. It was a fun day!

For you, Amy. I love how tough Anthony looks in this picture.

"You're going the wrong way, Ken!!!" I should have cropped this picture. Notice where the ball is and the direction everyone else is facing. I'm sure he is in mid-turn, but I thought the picture looked funny.

Cory with a touchdown!

Let's not forget our ladies. The girls spent the whole day cheering on our team. Katelyn's helping hold the sign.

There was never a pyramid more beautiful. My Katelyn is not shown. She's still holding the sign behind the girls.

David in action.

Jeffrey is ready to hike the ball, but no one is ready to catch it!

Andrew with a touchdown!

His face says he doesn't want to be here, but his hair is SCREAMING school spirit.