Monday, April 20, 2009

A Week Off...

...not for me, but for the kids. Most of the week was spent doing extra work with David trying to catch him up with school work. We did take a day or rather part of a day to go to Lollypop Farm. It's free and the kids enjoy seeing the animals. I'm not a big animal lover. I seem to like the IDEA of having animals, but not the reality. I fell in love with an Akita (dog) when we were there. He was so beautiful. I hinted to my husband who completely dismissed the idea. I think I could have persuaded him, but I'm not convinced that I really want the responsibility. Again, I like the idea, but the reality is a lot of work.

This guy followed the kids around.

Brianna has always been fascinated with horses. Even the fake ones.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ahhh....The Signs of Spring

Let the invasion begin...'s spring.

I don't understand it. Ants have the whole outdoors to search for food, yet year after year this insect must make it's way into my home. It's not like there are ever any crumbs on my floor for them to gather.....

Note - Amy, you will be so proud of me. I know how to use the macro button on my camera and I know how to shut off the flash. That's a whole (part of a) page in my manual!
Julia - my photoshop works great now...or it will work great when I figure out how to use it. No excuses now, except laziness.

Friday, April 3, 2009

How soon can you squeeze him in?

This week my husband received a medical reminder in the mail. I was going to scan the whole thing and post it, but I would have had to block out a lot of info due to addresses and such. I'll just relate the funny part. It read....

Dear Mr. Shannon G_______,
According to our records, it is time for your Mammogram.

Yes, I realize that Shannon is typically a girl's name, but the MR. didn't give it away. This confusion sometimes happens with mail, but this letter was extra funny.
FYI, I did get permission to blog about this so he won't be offended. Hey, if Amy can post a picture of Chris's hair "do" I can talk about my husband's mammogram reminder.
BTW, he has an appointment next month. (Completely, kidding)