Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's finally here!!!!

I know you were all waiting with baited breath to see this video, and FINALLY it is here!!!! :)

I know that no one is feeling the Christmas spirit anymore, but I hope you get a chuckle out of the video anyway. Enjoy!

Locks of Love

A couple years back, Katelyn chose to donate her hair to Locks of Love. Her hair finally got long enough to donate again and yesterday was the day. Her hair is a bit shorter than I had anticipated, but she can still pull it back into a ponytail so she is content.

Truthfully, I'm beginning to hate ponytails. I can't persuade her to allow me to try different styles. She just wants it pulled back out of her face. Oh well, I'll chose my battles and this isn't one I need to fight. Eventually, she will grow up. I just try to keep in mind all of the girls that I considered "tomboys" and how they blossomed into very feminine young ladies. I can be patient.

Friday, January 15, 2010

It just occured to me.....

After our recent trip to Michigan it occurred to me that I never updated about my brother-in-law and his wife. If you recall, it was about a year ago that I posted a prayer request for my brother-in-law and his family. I would simply link to this post, but since I am computer ...ummmmm...challenged (dumb), I don't know how. I'll try to be brief.

There was a court case regarding their insurance policy coverage when their barn burned down. This case was settled out of court just this past September. They didn't get the full amount that I feel they were entitled to, but they did get some compensation. Answer to prayer.

Also, in the last year and a half ,in the midst of the court "battle", they suffered the loss of a baby girl (stillborn at 4 and a half months) and then 9 months later, a miscarriage. They were heartbroken.

When they found out that they were expecting again late this summer, they were incredibly excited as well as a little nervous. When it came time for the ultrasound they found out they were having TWINS!!!! Another big answer to prayer. They weren't praying for twins, but were thrilled to get an unexpected blessing.

The twins are girls and I have officially named them Gertrude and Bertha, Gertie and Bertie for short. Mom and Dad are having a hard time agreeing on names so I took the burden away from them. Thoughtful, huh? They like unusual names. Anybody have better suggestions?

So, I want to thank all of you that prayed for this family about a year ago. God heard and answered.

P.S. Amy, you may remember Leslie Toler from college. She's married to Shannon's brother, Shane. This is the family to whom I am referring.....just in case you were curious. :)