Friday, September 11, 2009

My Night, Last Night

It was about the time the kids were on the bus on the way home from school. Bro. C called and told me that David had been sick at the end of school. Great, now everyone would get that nasty bug. Are we still calling it Amy's bug? Anyway, He comes home and then heads straight for bed. Wow, he must really be sick. At about 4:45 he tells me that he thinks that he needs to see a doctor. Okay, now I am a little worried, but still thinking it might be a stomach bug.

I decided to take him to the extended care clinic. He threw up in the car on the way there...thankfully I was prepared. What a blessing, the place was empty and we had to wait zero minutes. After his exam, they want to send him to the ER for possible appendicitis. All of his symptoms point to the appendix.

The worst part was the drive to the ER. It wasn't far, but my son was in a terrible amount of pain and I was thinking about his appendix. I only went through one yellow/red (okay, mostly red) light. We arrive and he complains that his arms were going numb. The nurse explains that he is hyperventilating so "calm down". She asks if he is prone to anxiety or panic attacks. Uh, no. I don't think my boy worries about much more than what is he going to eat next.

Dr. #1 examines him, and feels that it could be his appendix. Dr. #2 examines him and agrees, but upon further evaluation he finds more pain. Now there could be one of three things wrong with him.

1. Appendix
2. Problem #2
3. Problem #3

The appendix and problem #2 require surgery. Thankfully, it ends up that the problem is problem #3. This can be cleared up with antibiotics. We stayed for a couple more tests because they didn't want to assume his appendix was fine if it wasn't. He could have 2 problems. It was highly unlikely, but not impossible. Only one problem. Phew!

David was a bit apprehensive about the IV, but when the meds kicked in.....the IV became a friend. "Mom, I kind of like this IV thing in my arm." Since the doctors didn't rule out surgery for a long time, David couldn't eat or drink the whole night. Poor boy needed to be hydrated. The IV helped with this, too.

David and I spent the night watching Stuart Little and the Food Network. Watching the Food Network is not something you should watch when you have skipped dinner and have no plans to eat in the near future...just FYI.

We got home at 1:30 am, more tired than hungry so we went to bed instead of eating.

He is doing much better today.

So that was my night, last night. Hope you weren't bored. Then again, no one made you sit a read the whole thing, did they? You only have yourself to blame.